The Poyet method



The "Poyet Method" is based on osteopathy and consists of listening to the Cranial Rhythmic Impulse (CRI), a rhythmic micro-motion, which animates the whole body.


Classic osteopathy was limited to the observation of CRI only in the cranio-sacral axis. Maurice Poyet (1928-1996), observed that this movement is present throughout the body; all the bones, organs and tissues of the body.


With the Poyet method the patient is treated as a whole, it is "global". In the same session we can go from the head to the sacrum, passing through the back and ending with a foot or a hand. All parts can be important in balancing the patient.


The goal of therapy is to restore the quality of the micro-motions of the various parts of the body and their interactions. Harmonization occurs with a smooth and light gesture. This gesture transmits "information" to the body and invites it to correct itself.